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As you may have noticed, most of the concepts discussed in this website are from a book called The Golfing Machine. The first edition of The Golfing Machine was published in 1969 by its author, Homer Kelley. It took Mr Kelley almost thirty years to complete the first edition. From 1960 until its publication in 1969, Mr Kelley had also quit his job to work on The Golfing Machine full time. Mr Kelley updated the book periodically to make amendments, and by the time of his passing in 1983, The Golfing Machine was in its sixth edition.

In 2002, the rights to The Golfing Machine were bought from Mr Kelley’s widow by a small group of Authorized Instructors. In 2006, the seventh edition of The Golfing Machine was released. It was updated using Mr Kelley’s own notes and unpublished alterations.

TGM Book

But what is The Golfing Machine? It’s not a typical golf instruction book in that it doesn’t describe one particular golf swing. It breaks the golf swing down into 24 different components, where each component has several possible variations. Multiplying the different components and their listed variations results in 446,512,500,000,000,000 different combinations of golf swing. All of which obey the Three Basic Imperatives explained in this website necessary for a good golf swing. But it’s not just a catalogue, listing possible variations of the golf swing. It’s a manual explaining how and why the golf swing works. It’s also a practical guide to building your own swing, either as a complete beginner who’s never swung a club before or by improving upon the swing you may have had for years.

The Golfing Machine isn’t an easy read by anyone’s admission. For this reason it’s commonly misunderstood and grossly misrepresented, especially on the internet by self proclaimed experts. I hope you, the reader, are skeptical of any explanations of The Golfing Machine’s concepts you come across online. That goes equally for this very website. Instead of relying on other’s interpretations of The Golfing Machine, I urge you to read it for yourself. Each of my website’s chapters are referenced so that you can easily discover for yourself the concepts I’m explaining.

Unfortunately The Golfing Machine isn’t widely available in Europe. A quick look on eBay or Amazon will confirm this by either its absence, or the fact the few copies for sale can exceed the £100 mark. With this in mind, I have imported a quantity of The Golfing Machine books from the head office in America to pass on to golfers this side of the Atlantic for a more reasonable sum.

If you reside in the UK, for £45 I’ll send you a new copy of The Golfing Machine via Royal Mail recorded delivery (I’ll pay the delivery costs). You read the book and any questions you have, send them to me via the Contact page on this website and I’ll do my best to answer them.

So there we have it. For the price of twelve premium golf balls, you can discover for yourself how the golf swing works and how to improve your scores.

I am now shipping The Golfing Machine 7.2 edition. It includes higher quality pictures and a vastly extended index.

The Golfing Machine - 7.2 Edition
If you reside outside of the UK, it’s an extra £5 for Europe and £10 for the rest of the world to cover the postage.