The Power Package

Arguably, Mr Kelley’s most well known, though not to say understood work, is on a concept he called The Power Package.(1) In his own words; “The power package concept isolates and defines the functions of the hands and arms in propelling the clubhead into impact. The power package consists of the arms and club...

Mr Kelley identified a five stage routine every swing performs when hitting the ball - from the shortest putt to the longest drive. This routine involves the accumulation then loading of power, storing this power before delivering it in order to release the power into the ball.(2) This chapter will concentrate on the the means by which we perform this routine, namely power accumulators.

Before we go on to the power accumulators, let’s first look at the lever assemblies.(3) There are two levers in the power package. Levers, generally, are comprised of a beam (i.e. a ridged structure like a metal pole or plank of wood) with a fulcrum, weight (or resistance) and force placed at various points along the beam.(4) The levers in the power package are known as "form three" levers. This refers to the position of the fulcrum, weight and force along the beam. In "form three" levers, the fulcrum is at one end of the beam, the weight is at the opposite end, and the force is located somewhere in the middle.

The first lever in our power package is known as the "primary lever assembly". The beam is comprised of the left arm and the golf club. The left shoulder is the fulcrum, the golf club is the weight and the force is provided by 1st and 4th power accumulators.
Our next lever is the "secondary lever assembly". Here the left wrist becomes the fulcrum, the clubhead is the weight and the force is provided via the 2nd and 3rd power accumulators. We’ll be referring back to the lever assemblies a little later. Now onto the power accumulators.

Mr Kelley lists four unique ways in which you may move your arms and hands in order to power the golf swing. You may use any combination of these power accumulators, or indeed all of them during your swing.(5) So what defines a power accumulator? Put simply, they are “out of line” conditions, by which I mean “not in a straight line”. During the above five stage sequence of accumulation, loading, storing, delivering and releasing, we will be moving our power accumulators to an “out of line” condition (or more accurately, to a more “out of line” condition than they were at address), before releasing their stored power by moving the accumulators back towards their “in line” condition.

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1st Power Accumulator