The Golfing Machine - Cross Referencing

Whilst going through The Golfing Machine recently, I thought it would be interesting to catalogue the cross referencing in the book. In order to keep the book as short as possible, its author, Mr Kelley, uses cross referencing so that he wouldn’t have to repeat himself. He states “In the interest of brevity, regardless of how often any point is mentioned, every effort has been made not to discuss any one aspect more than once.(1)

Below are two charts. The first lists the cross references contained in each chapter. This gives you a rough idea how "involved" each chapter is. Chapters one and ten for example have relatively few cross references, and are quite easy to follow. Chapter two on the other hand is arguably the hardest to follow and is full of cross referencing.

The second chart shows where to find each chapter referenced in other parts of the book.
Here you can see how important, or noteworthy, a particular chapter is by how often it’s mentioned in the book. This chart also comes in handy if you wish to study a particular concept in The Golfing Machine. There in front of you is a comprehensive list of where to find everything written about any given subject.

Cross Referencing Chart A
Cross Referencing Chart B

(1) The Golfing Machine - 1-H

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