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This website is dedicated to sharing the technical concepts behind golf. No matter what your handicap, these easy-to-follow explanations will help improve your understanding of the game.

You’ll find a wealth of information from various scientific studies and theories, as well as the best resource online for The Golfing Machine’s concepts and teachings.
Each topic is fully referenced, allowing you to study the source materials for yourself - something I encourage you to do.

Once you’ve finished with the website, continue your education with some of the world’s best instruction books: The Golfing Machine, The Golf Enchiridion, and 101 Golf Lessons.

Demystify golf and lower your scores!
Antony Taggart - GSEM
Authorised Instructor of The Golfing Machine
Instruction Books
The Golf Enchiridion is the most comprehensive instruction book ever written on the game. It covers: how and what to practice to dramatically lower your scores; impact and ball behaviour explained in never-before-seen detail; an in-depth guide to generating power; The Five Fundamental Alignments; biomechanics of the swing and every major joint motion explained; and the revolutionary 10PAC System on how to analyse your own swing. The Golf Enchiridion is the complete golfing guide. Learn how to become your own golf instructor and create a precision golf stroke unique to you...
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To say The Golfing Machine was ahead of its time when first published in 1969 is an understatement. It was revolutionary - Homer Kelley had single-handedly transformed golf instruction. Fifty years later his work is still considered a must-read for serious golfers and instructors everywhere. Frustrated with the lack of information on what makes a successful golf swing, Mr Kelley decided to find the answers for himself. Working at Boeing’s engineering department during the day, and studying the golf swing during his free time, he assumed the project would take a couple of months. This part time hobby became a thirty year obsession, resulting in Mr Kelley’s published findings: The Golfing Machine...
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101 Golf Lessons is the ultimate practical guide to improving your game. It contains one hundred and one unique lessons, covering everything from biomechanics, technique, psychology, physics, alignments, general golf theory and more. 101 Golf Lessons is full to the brim with: never-before-seen techniques guaranteed to lower your scores; invaluable lessons for all standards from complete beginner to touring professional; fully illustrated with high quality diagrams throughout. For clear, practical, no-nonsense instruction, look no further...
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